I’m trying…

First let me say how proud I am of Colleen and her discipline in finding a path to healthy eating and also maintaining an exercise program. It’s taking some real determination and she is doing so well at it.

Now for me, I’ve been sticking to my eating low carb, decent quality food very well for the last 2 days. My goal is to not eat any unnatural foods and carb based foods for the next 2 weeks minus 2 days since I’ve already taken those two down successfully.

Today for breakfast I had eggs, 6 or 7 strawberries and 5 sausages. Carb total… 9 carbs. Lunch was chicken breast and hardboiled egss with a spinach salad. Carb total… maybe 2-3 in the olives and spinach. Supper was salad with olives and dill pickles on the side, and roast beef. Carb count… 4-5 for the dill pickles. so carbs for the day were… under 20. That is a good day foodwise.

Now I just have to start exercising regularly again.



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