I’ve got big boobs and I cannot lie

Holy shit. Jumping up and down when your knockers are DD and you’re wearing a regular bra? PAINFUL. My choices are to not jump or hold my boobs as I do. Neither is really optimal. I knew sports bras were supposed to help, but I had bought them in the past and they were worse than regular bras.

I was on my way into David’s Teas the other day and had to pass The Running Room. On a whim I walked in and asked about sports bras in my big boob size. And they actually had them. I bought one.

And OMG I want to divorce Jason and marry my sports bra.

While I still bounced a little during class, it was nothing like before. And it didn’t hurt one bit. I was giddy with happiness and kept wanting to flash the other women in the class and announce “Look! My boobs are all squished and protected!”

The bra cost almost sixty bucks, but Jesus it was well worth it.


About lavenderlines

Writer, editor (Savvy Fox Author Services), book reviewer and general lover of the written word. At the end of the day, if I have a great book or two with me and a bit of room to breath, I'm a happy little camper.

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