Holy shit I want something sugary. REAL BAD. Cinnamon rolls, marshmallow squares, Halloween Kisses, lemon cupcakes, peppermint patties, sour candy……. I don’t even think I care what it is, as long as one of the main ingredients is sugar. I’m trying to resist, but damn it’s HARD. (Mmmmm hard candy would be tasty.) I’m about two weeks into giving up junk food and anything with refined sugar in it. I’m also not having anything sweetened with honey, agave or cane sugar. Which means pretty much no sugar at all. I’m feeling a bit under the weather also, which is usually a trigger for junky comfort food. So I’m fighting that battle also. I”m trying really hard not to give in.


About lavenderlines

Writer, editor (Savvy Fox Author Services), book reviewer and general lover of the written word. At the end of the day, if I have a great book or two with me and a bit of room to breath, I'm a happy little camper.

2 thoughts on “Craving

  1. j! ayson says:

    Hi! Came across your blog and saw your post about Craving. I thought I could totally relate to that, feels like I’m always craving something.
    That’s awesome you’re staying away from all sugars.. I definitely couldn’t do that.. keep it up!!

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