Here sugar, sugar, sugar

Once again trying to detox from the sugar addiction.  Five days in and my head is pounding and I am about three steps beyond bitchy. I seriously wish there was a way to bottle this shitty feeling so that the next time I think “Hey, I’ll just have a cupcake or six” I could uncork the bottle and remember what detoxing from sugar and carbs feels like.

I also have my fingers crossed that this detox is the time that the cravings go away. I’ve heard from other people who have cut sugar and most carbs from their diets and after the first week or so they never crave it again. They are completely satisfied with the natural sugar they get from fruit and they ADORE super dark chocolate. They snack on meat. Christ. Not me. This is my fifth or sixth time detoxing and I never loose the desire for sweets.  I was once sugar free for two months. Never experience the wonderful high of eating low-carb, the increased energy, better sleep. Nope, I was ready to fucking kill. All the time. Candy, chocolate, cupcakes, pie, cake, ice cream was pretty much all I thought about.

So here’s to hoping this time is different


About lavenderlines

Writer, editor (Savvy Fox Author Services), book reviewer and general lover of the written word. At the end of the day, if I have a great book or two with me and a bit of room to breath, I'm a happy little camper.

2 thoughts on “Here sugar, sugar, sugar

  1. Mel says:

    Am a full believer in treating my self at least once a week. I pick Saturday ’cause it is French Macaroon day at the Farmers market. Plus the fact that I actually fumbled in my pocket once to shiv someone who raised an eyebrow at eating one.( I don’t really have a shiv in my pocket… anymore.) I find when I’m tempted during the week, I start muttering macaroon to my chest like that kid on The Middle. I also find it makes any unwanted interaction with people null and void.

    • lavenderlines says:

      I used to do the treat once a week thing, but then it turned into a downward spiral of treat all the time. I think I may be like an alcoholic who thinks they can have a beer every once in a while.

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