I went grocery shopping yesterday and by the time I hit the deli section I was smiling my face off. In the dairy section I started giggling non-stop. The hubs just shook his head at me as I basically ran around the store checking the points on different foods and filling the cart.

I hadn’t been that excited about buying food in a long, long time.  I bought lots of fruit and veggies, chicken breasts, a zillion different kinds of yogurt and some treats like rice crackers (which I really do like). I also bought low-cal hot chocolate and chocolate mint creamer. A three point treat that relaxes me and when combined tastes like mint oreo cookies.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the new exercise regime and weight watchers will work together to make me healthier.


Changing things up

So, I mentioned in an earlier post that I was going to sign up for Weight Watcher. Well, I did! And looking over the food guide and such, I actually got excited. I mean, REALLY excited. .

I hadn’t realized how restricted I felt trying to do the paleo and low carb thing. While both are great eating plans, they weren’t great eating plans for me. At all. I literally ate the same ten foods all the time. But now I can really eat whatever I want. But I’m going to choose healthier choices because I want to. Not because I have a big-assed list of foods I absolutely can’t eat.

So today I’m going food shopping. And I’ll be buying low-fat Greek yogurt, popcorn, natural peanut butter, oatmeal, whole grain pasta, bread……… things I love but really haven’t enjoyed in over a year.

I think it’s going to be a bit of a shock to my system over the next few days. But I’ll ride it out.

The hubs is still going to do low carb, so the weeks that he’s home should be interesting.

I’m trying…

First let me say how proud I am of Colleen and her discipline in finding a path to healthy eating and also maintaining an exercise program. It’s taking some real determination and she is doing so well at it.

Now for me, I’ve been sticking to my eating low carb, decent quality food very well for the last 2 days. My goal is to not eat any unnatural foods and carb based foods for the next 2 weeks minus 2 days since I’ve already taken those two down successfully.

Today for breakfast I had eggs, 6 or 7 strawberries and 5 sausages. Carb total… 9 carbs. Lunch was chicken breast and hardboiled egss with a spinach salad. Carb total… maybe 2-3 in the olives and spinach. Supper was salad with olives and dill pickles on the side, and roast beef. Carb count… 4-5 for the dill pickles. so carbs for the day were… under 20. That is a good day foodwise.

Now I just have to start exercising regularly again.


A loss is a loss

So after a week and a half of exercising my ass off three times a week I was down two pounds. Yay me? I know any loss is better than a gain, but I was really hoping that I’d be down more than I am. And since I basically went from couch potato to working out hard for at least an hour three times a week, I’m assuming my eating habits are screwing me up.

As you know from previous posts, I have been trying for more than a year now to stick to primal eating. I’ve come to the realization that it just isn’t for me. Neither is severe low-carb. As soon as you slap down a long list in front of me of all the stuff I can’t eat I cranky and anxious.

I looked up some calorie counting sites and the math to just figure out how many calories I should be eating daily gave me a migraine. That’s when the hubs suggested Weight Watchers.

I was on Weight Watcher a couple of years ago and was seeing decent results even without exercising. I had to stop because of money issues. So, I’m heading in later today to talk to them and probably sign up.

I’ve got big boobs and I cannot lie

Holy shit. Jumping up and down when your knockers are DD and you’re wearing a regular bra? PAINFUL. My choices are to not jump or hold my boobs as I do. Neither is really optimal. I knew sports bras were supposed to help, but I had bought them in the past and they were worse than regular bras.

I was on my way into David’s Teas the other day and had to pass The Running Room. On a whim I walked in and asked about sports bras in my big boob size. And they actually had them. I bought one.

And OMG I want to divorce Jason and marry my sports bra.

While I still bounced a little during class, it was nothing like before. And it didn’t hurt one bit. I was giddy with happiness and kept wanting to flash the other women in the class and announce “Look! My boobs are all squished and protected!”

The bra cost almost sixty bucks, but Jesus it was well worth it.

A week in

So I’m a week in to my new exercise regime which consists of going to Krista’s Fusion Class three times a week and getting my ass handed to me. Sweet Lord love a duck it’s HARD. So fucking hard. And I am sore all the time. I’m assuming at some point my energy levels will increase and I’ll stop feeling like I’ve been hit by a snow plow. But as of now? Nope.

But …. I’m still enjoying the class for the most part. I love the cardio and I’m getting better at the weights. As for the floor work where we concentrate on things like abs or ass and get to do leg lifts, push ups, planks and such I think you would have to be mentally deficient to enjoy that. It sucks. It hurts. It’s hell. But I’m hearing it’s going to be worth.

I sure hope.

Scared shitless

So, I walk into where the exercise class I’ve signed up for is being held and nearly pass out. I generally don’t do well in new groups and I was walking into one that was already established. People were standing around in small groups talking, stretching. I walked in feeling like an elephant. I had no idea what I was doing, what I should be doing or what I would end up doing. I was near tears and very tempted to just bolt.

Then the instructor called my name so that I could get measures and weighed in, since I signed up for the six week weight loss challenge. Krista is da bomb. Seriously. Five seconds talking to her and I no longer felt like I was going to puke-cry-pass out.

I took my spot in the back, not really sure what kind of exercise we’d be doing. I had seen a post about the challenge on Facebook and just signed up.

Holy shit I had fun. I mean it. FUN. The music was kick-ass and the exercise was a combination of kick boxing, dance and weight training. Then there was some floor work for abs.

I left the class beyond exhausted and feeling like I was going to pass out, but for different reasons than when I walked in.  I was also smiling my face off like a twit.

Because I knew this was an exercise class I could stick to.